Buying is an exciting and sometimes can be daunting at times.


The buying process begins with getting your pre approval from your bank of choice or by using the services of a good mortgage broker.


Please contact us if you need any assistance in this area as we have a network of people that can help make the process smother for you.


So the process for buying is as follows:

  • Get pre-approval
  • Go shopping for your new house
  • Once you have found a house you love then you go ahead and make an offer.
  • Once your offer is accepted, you will need to enter into a sales contract. For this you will need to have the drivers license or other photo ID, your solicitors details, and 0.25% of the agreed upon sales price.
  • The purchaser signs their own contract and then the agent will get the seller to sign a duplicate contract and once that is complete the contract is considered “exchanged” and you will enter into the “cooling off” period
  • The cooling off period is typically five days and during this time, this is when you will get a professional valuation of the property you are purchasing, get the building and pest inspection completed and you get your final approval from the bank. If needed, the cooling off period can be extended by a few days.
  • When the cooling off period ends, you will need to arrange to have the remaining portion of the 10% deposited into the real estate companies trust account by 5:00 on the last day of the cooling off period.
  • From this point on, you begin to plan for Settlement, which involves packing, arranging for a removalist and arranging utility connections.
  • Settlement will occur on the date agreed to by both sides and within about 30-45 minutes you can pick up the keys to your new HOME!